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[3/3/2005] wxDC 0.930 released today!

Download it at!

Links will be reflected on this web page sometime this weekend.

[2/20/2005] Project is back in progress!

After over a year of being idle, I finally found a little time to start working on this project again and im fixing a lot of small bugs, GUI glitches, etc for version 0.922.  This will be released soon and I will start the push for getting wxDC working on Linux with GTK+.

Many people have sent me e-mails asking when Im going to get the program to work on different platforms, since I do advertise wxDC as cross-platform.  My answer is that the code is written using wxWidgets, which means the code should work cross-platform as is, but I do know there are some changes here and there that need to be made for various platforms. Regardless, if you really want it to run on another platform before I release pre-compiled binaries for said platform, just download the source and see if you can get it to work.   There should not be too many changes needed for any platform, and thanks to Rick Miller, the share-building code that generates file-lists has a cross-platform version (earlier versions of wxDC only supported Windows).

[7/17/2003] wxDC 0.921 released

A few small bugs are fixed (search crash, strange pm parse error, tab behavior). A drop-down menu was added to transfers.

Download (Windows binary)
Download (Windows source)

[7/9/2003] wxDC 0.92 released

Changes in wxDC 0.92 include drop down menus for download queue and search, prev/next/close buttons for tabs, multiple selection support for queues and search results, and away mode.

The biggest improvement is being able to close tab windows, which is obviously a big deal but it was puzzle about how to insert the functionality seamlessly.

Download (Windows binary)
Download (Windows source)

[7/5/2003] wxDC 0.91 released

The changes in wxDC 0.91 since the previous release are all to do with the UI.
  • Tab icons have been added that notify the state and type of each tab page.   New messages and activity are reflected by a change in icon so that you can tell when and where new information is waiting to be read.
  • User icons have been added to denote operators and passive users.
  • A global ten element command/message history has been added for all text boxes.

The new features introduce a new look for wxDC and make it more powerful and easy to use.

Download (Windows binary)
Download (Windows source)

[6/29/2003] wxDC 0.90 released

The new release of wxDC includes extreme functionality/feature improvements since v0.50. Check out the what's new on the features page.

Download (Windows binary)
Download (Windows source)

[5/12/2003] A new developer on the team!

wxDC welcomes Rick Miller to the team as the GUI developer.

[5/7/2003] Feature updates! (Available in CVS repository.  No file releases.)

wxDC now supports...
  • Connection, transfer, and advanced (misc.) settings.
  • Hub redirects (optional in advanced (misc.) settings).
  • Column sorting (connection dialog and user list).

[4/28/2003] The wxDC beta version 0.50 has just been released!

Download it now at the downloads page.

We are looking for more developers.

If you are interested in becoming a team developer, please contact Nick Smith.